Retaining Walls

At Deck-Pros, we construct the traditional wooden “RR Tie” style retaining walls and the newer block retaining walls. We also remove and replace old, rotting or crumbling walls.

newer block retaining walls


Wood Retaining Walls

Wood retaining walls

Our wooden retaining walls are constructed of Southern Yellow Pine pressure treated lumber. This lumber is guaranteed, even if completely buried in wet soil, for 40 years. We attach the ties with 10″ galvanized railroad spikes to insure a strong wall.

Wood retaining walls

At Deck Pros, we employ the “interlocking deadman” method to make our walls stronger. “Deadmen” are the timbers that extend back inside the wall to keep the wall stable. We make sure all the deadmen are interconnected. It is a bit more expensive, but your wall will not “heave” or “buckle” after a few years as a cheaply built wall will.

Wood retaining walls


From 12′ high to only a few feet off the ground, we can build the wall to fit your landscape needs.

Stone retaining walls

Concrete-block retaining walls are relatively new to the construction scene. They were first used for industrial and highway construction. In the past few years, many companies have designed and built smaller, more appealing blocks for residential use. Most of the block systems rely on an interlocking method, not unlike Lego blocks. This means they can be built without concrete mortar or special construction techniques.

Before Deck Pros:

Before Deck Pros

After Deck Pros:

After Deck Pros