Deck Materials

At Deck-Pros, we use the finest grade materials available. Our deck frames are constructed from pressure treated pine. This lumber is very strong and is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 40 years from rot or insect damage. We cover the exterior deck joists (the boards that support the decking) with material to match the decking or railing. This hides the green pressure treated lumber.


Synthetic Decking

By far the most popular choice today, the newer synthetic decking materials are head and shoulders above what was available even a few years ago. There are basically three types of synthetics: composites (made from sawdust and plastic), capstock composites or cellular PVCs (all plastic). We’d be happy to explain the differences and advantages of each! Some of the better products we use are Wolf, Azek, TimberTech, Fiberon and Trex. Check out our blog post for a much more detailed description of the types of synthetic decking.

Ipe – aka Ironwood, Brazilian Walnut, Pao Lope

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is one of the densest and hardest woods available. It makes an extremely durable and beautiful deck. Ipe can be left to weather on its own to a lustrous silver-gray or it can be sealed to keep its rich color. Ipe is now used on the Atlantic City boardwalk because it is so resistant to weather and traffic. A 25 year manufacturer’s warranty is another upside of this beautiful wood.

Clear Cedar

D Select cedar offers a stunning and virtually knot-free surface. It can be left alone and will weather to a soft gray over a period of years. It can also be treated to maintain is beautiful original color. D cedar is very soft underfoot. While this makes for a comfortable surface, it is not as durable as the other woods. If the deck is to have heavy traffic, Ipe (which is similarly priced) should be considered.


The look of mahogany decking is absolutely astounding. It has no knots and an extremely rich color. Because it is a hardwood, it is extremely durable and will maintain its beauty for years to come. It takes a variety of finishes very well or it can be left to weather on its own.

Knotty Cedar

Knotty cedar is a beautiful and durable addition to your outdoor environment. It’s rustic look enhances your home’s exterior with a rich, wood planking appearance. It is sanded smooth and, as all of our decking, comes in 5/4 x 6 radiused edge boards. Our knotty cedar is graded STK. This stands for “Select Tight Knot”, which means the knots are not going to fall out and leave you with a hole in your deck. With the proper treatment, your cedar deck will last 25-30 years.

** Pressure treated pine is the standard material from which we build all our substructures. PT pine can also be used for decking and railings. It WILL, however, split and warp even if securely fastened together. This can be minimized by proper sealing/staining of the deck. However, the problems can not be eliminated. As such, PT pine is the only decking/railing material we do not warranty. As with the other decking/railing materials, your frame and structure are still warrantied for 5 years.**